Unink Lasers

At Unink, we have invested in advanced, safe laser tattoo removal systems for effective and successful tattoo removal results for our customers.

Having trialled numerous lasers, our team are knowledgeable in what is the best laser for the job to be performed. 

Tattoos are as individual as you, and at Unink our ultimate goal is to guide our clients to the best clinical methods to remove unwanted ink.

At Unink we utilise Pastelle the laser. Factors such as laser wavelength, end point, technique, location of tattoo, layering of ink, colour of tattoos, and your immune system also play a major role in tattoo removal.

Pastelle Laser

Our research and experience have determined the Pastelle laser as the laser of choice for both multi-coloured and black tattoos. 

Laser tattoo removal devices range from cheap, unlicenced devices sold online, to lasers valued at a quarter of a million dollars from the United States.

In reality, only lasers in the nano and picosecond wavelength can deliver results, due to the fact that laser energy must be delivered in a very short amount of time - the pulse duration.  

Our experience in laser use has found the Pastelle laser to be versatile, powerful, stable, reliable and safe, providing outstanding results with various wavelengths that provide energy levels at a reliable setting, and with minimal faults and calibration fluctuations.
Our comparisons have determined the Pastelle laser to deliver most consistent energy delivery levels.  Providing a constant and replicable energy level is of utmost importance for laser tattoo removal, ensuring clients are safely treated with well-established parameters.

The more wavelengths a laser has, the more ink colours can be targeted, and the Pastelle provides four different wavelengths, meaning an effective response to all colours. 

Safety & Expertise

At the Unink clinic, safety and experience are paramount, and our fully trained team perform tattoo removal to the highest standards. 

Our advanced training by Dr Davin Lim, Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist, is what sets us apart from other clinics. Our clients are well-educated in the tattoo removal process and provided realistic outcomes and appropriate aftercare management strategies following tattoo removal.

Experience is a key factor in successful tattoo removal. Having an experienced laser specialist will ensure treatments are carried out safely, and our Unink team will be able to provide an indication as to how many treatments are needed.  Experience is also important to help relieve any pain you may have during and after the procedure.

Photoacoustic Twice-Pulse (PTP)

The laser’s PTP mode delivers two pulses with a high output of energy in a very short space of time. As the pulse is divided into half, there is less risk of injury to the surrounding epidermis, resulting in less chance of scarring, less pain, faster healing, and less chance of skin colour changes, including skin whitening or darkening, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

PTP is also more comfortable for patients, making the process of laser tattoo removal more comfortable.

Laser Wavelengths

The dynamics of laser tattoo removal is to preserve the upper layers of the skin while targeting the underlying chromophore, or ink. 

Specific laser wavelengths target specific colours, which is further compounded by the use of different spot sizes. Each tattoo colour will have a specific wavelength that responds best. The larger the spot size, the deeper the penetration and the quicker the treatment.  This has to be balanced against the energy delivery once the spot size increases. 

Reducing The ‘Ouch’ Factor!

Using photoacoustic twice-pulsed energy (PTP), the Pastelle laser delivers the pulse in two stages, which can reduce pain.  At Unink we also use a Zimmer or cooling device, which coupled with PTP will reduce pain in the majority of patients. 

At Unink our tattoo removal process is performed as a medical standard and therefore all aspects of pain relief can be addressed.

Unink Tattoo Removal

At Unink, our service and laser training is based on premium equipment and specialist standards.

We are proud to offer advanced tattoo removal technology together with superior training and customer service to the highest medical standards.  Our team are trained not only by the laser company but by a specialist dermatologist who has performed laser tattoo removal for the past 20 years. 

Our extensive training processes are constantly updated with the newest technology and techniques, and our provision of optimal wound care makes laser tattoo removal both reliable and safe for patients. 

As no two tattoos are identical, Unink offers bespoke treatments to our clients.

Book in for a free consultation in regards to removing that unwanted ink.