Tattoo Removal Brisbane

Laser Tattoo Removal

As part of the Fiori Institute, Unink offers tattoo removal services and knows laser to be the most effective method for tattoo removal.

Chemical peels for tattoo removal are also often attempted, however, this treatment is unregulated in Australia and unfortunately scarring in various degrees is likely due to the peel needing to enter all the skin’s layers to reach the tattoo ink located deep under the skin’s surface.

Outdated fractional lasers are often also used for tattoo removal, however, substantial bleeding and long healing timeframes are not uncommon in this method which uses transepidermal exfoliation to allow ink pigment to escape from the skin.

For effective, scar-free tattoo removal, laser technology is the answer. For over 20 years now, laser has been proven as the gold standard in tattoo removal. At Unink, our team have all received extensive specialist training on the best, most effective laser technology available, to ensure safe and successful tattoo removal for all our clients.

Our lasers perform Q-switching, which involves breaking down the ink pigment by shattering ink particles, with each colour possessing a particular laser wavelength to most effectively break down ink. Our PicoSure, Pastelle and Revlite lasers are extremely effective in ink removal. We utilise all three of these lasers at our Unink clinic, to help determine the best individual method for reversing your tattoo regret.

Our professional team will consult with you to determine your individual tattoo removal needs including your immune system, skin type, and location, size and colour of your tattoo to determine expected results and number of treatments required.

Your body’s immune response also plays a part by clearing the particles of ink shattered by the lasers.

As aftercare is also a very important factor for ultimate tattoo removal results, our team will provide you with important aftercare instructions.

The Basics

Lasers – The Ultimate Safe & Effective Tattoo Removal Method

Our advanced laser technology is extremely safe and effective in either partially or completely removing unwanted tattoos of all types, sizes, complexities and colours, in all body locations without scarring or changes in skin colour.

The Method

At the Unink clinic, we utilise a number of different lasers. Our team will determine the most suitable laser for removal of your tattoo.

Our lasers are able to target various tattoo ink colours underneath the skin which it then shatters the ink particles. Your immune system then works to carry away these particles and depending on the size, type, location and complexity of your tattoo, your tattoo will gradually fade, without scarring, over a period of time.

The number of treatments required will vary depending on the above factors, your skin type and immune system. Your initial free consultation will help determine estimated tattoo removal timeframes.

For ‘cover-up’ tattoo removal, rather than complete removal, tattoos will be faded to the desired level where a new tattoo can be placed on top of your old faded tattoo.

Laser Technology

Unink utilises three lasers for tattoo removal – Pastelle, RevLite and PicoSure. Our team will determine the most suitable technology to reverse your tattoo regret, depending on colour, complexity, size and location of your tattoo, as well as your skin type and immune system.

Factors that determine the appropriate laser for tattoo removal include power and capacity for different wavelengths to remove various colours.