Tattoo Removal Brisbane

Tattoo regret? Unink is your go-to tattoo removal service in Brisbane.

Our professional team are extensively trained to operate a range of premium, medical grade lasers to efficiently and successfully deliver the very best in tattoo removal.

Our lasers use short light pulses to break down ink particles that your body then naturally removes, without damaging surrounding tissue. We will consult with you on the predicted result and timeline of the tattoo removal process at your initial appointment.

Our high-tech lasers can treat various types and sizes of tattoos, although bright, multi-coloured tattoos, heavy black tattoos, layered tattoos, and dense tattoos, will require multiple treatments and are often unable to be completely removed.

Depending on the size, type, colour, density and location of your tattoo, you will undergo a series of treatments, noticing visible progress at each treatment.

Our lasers quickly deliver high-intensity laser light over the skin, resulting in minimal skin damage and scarring.

As part of the well-established Fiori Institute of Skin and Body in Brisbane, you can be confident you’re dealing with professionals at Unink.

We offer procedures, techniques and advice in professional, private, and hygienic surroundings with competitive prices.

Our team pride themselves on providing high levels of safety, standards and care to our clients. Our investment in ultra-modern laser technology for tattoo removal is ongoing, to ensure we provide our customers with the best service and results possible.

For laser tattoo removal in Brisbane, think Unink!